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2024 Tiverton Recreation 
Summer Programs

A processing fee of 3% will be charged as a separate transaction on your credit card bill, and will not appear on your final invoice.


  1. You will first be asked to create an account for YOURSELF.

  2. After you do that, you'll be taken to your profile page. Click the green "Add Household Member" button on the left hand of your screen to create an account for whomever you're registering (i.e. child/grandchild).


  3. After creating an account for the, click "Programs" at the top of your screen to select the program you want and register.

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DAYS/DATES: July 8-August 16

HOURS: Main Camp: Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM / AfterCare: Mon-Fri, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

LOCATION: Pocasset Fields. Camp will be held inside Pocasset School during rainy days

AGES: 6-12. Please be aware that there is no flexibility with age requirements.

***Any student whose Date of Birth is found to have been falsified will be removed from camp without a refund.***

Are you aged 13-15?  Learn more and apply here.

COST (Full camp, not per week):
Tiverton Resident:

  • Main Camp: $300.00 for first child;  $200.00 for each additional child

  • AfterCare: $180.00 for first child; $70.00 for each additional child


  • Main Camp: $400.00 for first child;  $250.00 for each additional child

  • AfterCare: $250.00 for first child; $150.00 for each additional child

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please click here to complete a scholarship application.

MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 25 / Max: 125 (spaces are reserved during registration for scholarships)

ABOUT THE CAMP: Tiverton Summer Camp is filled with games, arts and crafts, and activities to support the interests of campers of different ages in a safe and fun environment.

Camp registration includes the following:

  1. Field Trip to Buttonwood Zoo

  2. A Day at the Movies (at Picture Show in Fall River)

  3. Field Trip to United Skates of America

  4. Field Day with bouncy houses and Del's Lemonade!


DAYS/DATES: All dates are Sundays
Session 1: May 5, 12, and 19

Session 2: July 7, 14, and 21

HOURS: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM 

LOCATION: Tiverton Skatepark

AGES: 7-12

COST: $100 per child

MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 5 / Max: 10


ABOUT THE CAMP: Come learn how to skateboard this summer at the Tiverton Skatepark! We are offering beginner lessons for kids 7 and up. Our instructor Mira Haddad will help the kids learn all the basics of skateboarding and have them riding safely and confidently after their first lesson! She has enjoyed the sport for 14 years and encourages her students to have fun & be creative at each session. Our program runs on Sunday mornings, meeting at the Tiverton Skatepark's basketball court!


DAYS/ DATES: Monday-Friday, June 24-28

HOURS: 9:00 AM -2:00 PM

LOCATION: Pocasset Fields

AGES: 5-12

COST: $200 first child; $175 for subsequent child


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 15 / Max: 50 

ABOUT THE CAMP: Come and have lots of fun with us this June! Camp will include opportunities to try sports like Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer & Softball. Each day of the week will be themed and have a different sport focus while also including fun team building activities and group fun. No experience necessary, this is an opportunity for all levels to kick off the summer the right way!

girls in sport.jpg

DAYS/DATES: All dates are Mon-Fri

Session 1: June 24-28
Session 2: July 8-12
Session 3: July 29- August 2


HOURS: 1:00 - 5:00 PM 

LOCATION: Sandywoods Kitchen

AGES: 9-13

COST: $250 per child

MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 5 / Max: 10


ABOUT THE CAMP: This five-day hands-on course is sure to spark their passion for pastry! Guided by an experienced chef, campers will learn the basics of baking by making baked goods from around the world. Your young pâtissier will make both sweet and savory pastries that they will be able to take home and share.


DAYS/DATES: July 10 to August 14


Grades 1&2 (Red Ball)       5:00-6:00 PM
Grades 3-5 (Orange Ball)   6:00-7:00 PM
Grades 6-8 (Green Ball)     7:00-8:00 PM

LOCATION: Tiverton High School Tennis Courts*

COST: $70 per child


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: In order to accommodate mixed registration numbers, overall program minimums are:

  • 7 for one group

  • 14 for two groups

  • 21 for three groups

Min: 4 / Max: 10 per group​

ABOUT THE CAMP: Led by an approved USTA Net Generation tennis coach, the program will focus on developing the skills to serve, rally and play - so it’s perfect for beginners and first-time players. Once the skills are there, participants will play fun matches with other players in the program. This program uses modified tennis balls, age-appropriate racquets, court sizes, and the latest fun and engaging activities that help players successfully learn and play the game quicker!


All players in their first session receive and keep a new age-appropriate racquet and ball!

*Program will be moved to Tiverton Town Farm Tennis courts if construction is completed in time.

Tennis in the Parks Logo_USTA New Englan

DAYS/DATES: All dates are Mon-Fri

Session 1: June 17-21
Session 2: July 1-5
Session 3: July 22- 26


HOURS: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

LOCATION: Sandywoods Kitchen

AGES: 9-13

COST: $250 per child

MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 5 / Max: 10


ABOUT THE CAMP: In this five-day camp, kids will learn essential kitchen skills, explore global food, and channel their creativity into cuisine! Each day, your aspiring chef will come home ready to showcase the new techniques they learned. Led by an experienced chef, campers will make a new and exciting meal including a main dish, side dishes, and a fun drink- all to enjoy for lunch.

Culinary Camp.png


DAYS/ DATES: Monday-Friday, July 15-19

HOURS: 9:00 AM -12:00 PM

LOCATION: Fort Barton School

AGES: 6-10

COST: $165
(any students enrolled in the X-in-1 RenewableEnergy Program may stay between programs)


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 6 / Max: 12

ABOUT THE CAMP: Come join an exciting world of space exploration as you build and take home your very own Solar System Kit! You will assemble your own model, learn all about our planetary neighborhood, and watch the planets move around the sun powered by battery or solar power. Check out our real meteorite fragment samples! Take part in other exciting activities involving physics, air pressure, and density. Take home your own cosmic rocket and watch it shoot up fifty feet into the air! Be mesmerized as you assemble and take home your own stunt plane and learn about the four major forces of flight.   You will also witness some really neat demonstrations from your instructor. Watch as an egg is magically sucked into a bottle, behold a tornado being created, and much much more in this fun and exciting program!

outerspace 3.jpg


DAYS/DATES: Monday-Friday, July 15-19

HOURS: 12:30 PM -3:30 PM

LOCATION: Fort Barton School

AGES: 6-10

COST: $160 per child 
ny students enrolled in the X-in-1 Renewable ​Energy Program may stay between programs)


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 6 / Max: 12 

ABOUT THE CAMP: Assemble up to five different vehicles, three different dinosaurs, and two windmills as you work on and take home your very own Renewable Energy Kit! With the Χ in 1 Renewable Energy Kit, you will construct ten animated building options with child friendly parts that function indoors with the use of a Hand Generator, outdoors with the use of the XL Solar Panel, and indoors and outdoors with the Wind Powered LED. Developing manual dexterity and building confidence has never been this fun! You will learn three separate renewable energy concepts: Hand Generator power, Solar power, and Wind power. With the aid of your instructor, you will utilize the colored instruction manual and work with over 115 pieces to build up to ten exciting models! What is most important, no batteries are required. Indoors or out, this kit operates 100% on renewable energy. With Χ in 1 Renewable Energy Kit, the fun never has to end!



DAY/DATE: Friday, July 26

HOURS: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

LOCATION: Tiverton Public Library (tentatively)

AGES: 11-15

COST: $85 per camper


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 8 / Max: 20 

ABOUT THE CAMP: Boys and girls ages 11-15 are invited to participate in a fast paced, interactive and FUN babysitting course.  There is lots of "hands on" practice using adult and infant manikins.  The instructors are registered nurses who are certified through the American Heart Association as CPR and First Aid instructors.  They have over 30 years of experience in health care and bring a unique and extensive level of expertise to the classroom.  The first 3 hours are focused on CPR, choking for the adult, child and infant.  Students will also learn how to use an AED.  The second half is focused on learning elements of first aid, child safety, changing and feeding a baby and getting your babysitting business started. Come join us and be one of only 4% of the population who know how to effectively save a life!  



DAY/ DATE: Wednesday, July 31

HOURS: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Tiverton Library (tentative)

AGES: 11-15

COST: $45 per person

MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 8 / Max: 20

ABOUT THE CAMP: Home Alone Safety Course for kids covers how to stay safe while home alone, what to do in case of an emergency, cyber safety, and  elements of first aid. Class includes lots of role play and discussion.


DAYS/DATES: Monday-Friday, August 5-9

HOURS: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Fort Barton School

AGES: 9-13

COST: $160 per camper


MIN/MAX ENROLLMENT: Min: 5 / Max: 15 

ABOUT THE CAMP: Are you a young dreamer, an idea generator, and a future business leader? Join ‘Young Entrepreneurs,’ an exciting course that uncovers your creativity, fires up innovation, and equips you to dominate the business world with your unique products or services! Learn and apply the skills entrepreneurs use to make millions of dollars! Turn everyday thoughts into exciting business ventures that win customers. Master planning and strategy like treasure hunters mapping out their journey. Discover money management secrets to fuel your business dreams. Dive into marketing to showcase your awesome products or services. Learn to create lifelong fans through excellent customer service and present your ideas with the confidence of a true business superstar! This course is your passport to entrepreneurship, essential skills, and a path to success!


***Participants will need to bring their own laptop or tablet, ear buds, and need access to an email account.***

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